our guides

All of our experienced practitioners are here to create a comforting space and to establish strong grounds for you to continue on your life journey. A studio is nothing without a team that plants the seeds to bring it to life. Our highly trained, passionate guides make meditation accessible to everyone. In this studio, everyone is a teacher.


My first meditation experience.

Within a couple of months of moving to California I found myself frozen from internal chaos after many planned and unplanned changes in my life - there was one specific day when something inside me said to stop everything sit and follow my breath. It was then when I realized, as long as I have my breath, all is well. I will always be so grateful for that little, potent moment.

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Erica Galia

My first meditation experience.

My first meditation was with a group of close friends. It was comforting knowing that while my eyes were closed and I was alone with my thoughts, I was safe and supported. It was an incredibly simple, yet profound feeling. The meditation was sweet, soft and gentle - leaving me with the desire to discover more stillness and more of myself.

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Chelsey Scaffidi


First meditation experience.

In a group therapy session. The group was focused on women's trauma and it changed my life. I felt like I was gifted a new tool to rely, and it was always accessible to me at anytime. I loved how empowering that felt.

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Kate Van Horn

First meditation experience.

My first meditation experience was led by a Zen Meditation teacher during my 200-hr teacher training. With eyes slightly open and gazing at the tip of my nose, I felt like I transported out of the room and into a state of pure relaxation. We meditated for 20 minutes, but it felt like only a few moments had gone by. After the meditation was finished, I knew I needed more of it.

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Ava Johanna

First meditation experience.

My first meditation experience was on a beach in Santa Monica. I closed my eyes and dove into the meadow of my mind to observe my breath and connect to the elements. At the time, I was going through a major transition in my life and knew a little bit of quiet time was what I needed to connect and find the answers I was seeking from within.

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