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All of our experienced practitioners are here to create a comforting space and to establish strong grounds for you to continue on your life journey. A studio is nothing without a team that plants the seeds to bring it to life. Our highly trained, passionate guides make meditation accessible to everyone. In this studio, everyone is a teacher.


My first meditation experience.

Within a couple of months of moving to California I found myself frozen from internal chaos after many planned and unplanned changes in my life - there was one specific day when something inside me said to stop everything sit and follow my breath. It was then when I realized, as long as I have my breath, all is well. I will always be so grateful for that little, potent moment.

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Erica Galia

My first meditation experience.

My first meditation was with a group of close friends. It was comforting knowing that while my eyes were closed and I was alone with my thoughts, I was safe and supported. It was an incredibly simple, yet profound feeling. The meditation was sweet, soft and gentle - leaving me with the desire to discover more stillness and more of myself.

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Chelsey Scaffidi


My first meditation experience was in Savasana about 6 months into my yoga practice. I felt a clarity of mind and lightness of being that was brand new to me! It sparked my interest for understanding the deeper dimensions of yoga. This led me to studying Buddhism, seated meditation mindfulness, psychology, and spirituality in depth.

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Josie Kramer

First meditation experience.

My first meditation experience was on a beach in Santa Monica. I closed my eyes and dove into the meadow of my mind to observe my breath and connect to the elements. At the time, I was going through a major transition in my life and knew a little bit of quiet time was what I needed to connect and find the answers I was seeking from within.

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First meditation experience.

In a group therapy session. The group was focused on women's trauma and it changed my life. I felt like I was gifted a new tool to rely, and it was always accessible to me at anytime. I loved how empowering that felt.

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My first meditation experience was when I was 18 and in a moment of personal crisis. I was laying on the floor recovering from a back injury that left me in chronic daily pain. In a moment of desperation for relief I felt a shift in my thoughts and a gently whisper to just close my eyes and breathe. Turning my attention to the simplicity of breath and my internal environment introduced me, or rather, reintroduced me, to the quiet space that dwells within us. Meditation has been my faithful companion ever since.

First meditation experience.

My first meditation experience was led by a Zen Meditation teacher during my 200-hr teacher training. With eyes slightly open and gazing at the tip of my nose, I felt like I transported out of the room and into a state of pure relaxation. We meditated for 20 minutes, but it felt like only a few moments had gone by. After the meditation was finished, I knew I needed more of it.

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Kate Van Horn

Kim Blanchard-Brown

Ava Johanna