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The unpredictability of nature moves us.

The cycle of life - creation, growth, maturity, death and revival. All of it beautiful. All of it embedded into the seed of our existence.


Change is inevitable;
our lives are

The more we decide to water our minds, bodies and hearts, the more we grow. Every challenge faced opens up our world to more triumphs, lessons and joys.


We decide to grow together.

Let’s commit to choosing expansion, to becoming aware of our inner shifts and connecting to the human experience. Cultivating a conscious presence creates stronger, deeper roots to our existence.


We believe meditation is a path to connection to self, others and mother earth. By coming together to consciously experience life, we believe we can elevate to build a forest of others who inspire to live the same. When we recognize one another with more gentle, loving and kinder tones, we see the world as more compassionate, understanding and accepting. We connect because it’s embedded into the soil we grow from.

Join us on a path to connect to our true selves, feed our minds, water our hearts and expand together.