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ROOTED beings

A restorative wellness studio for awakening and withstanding the ebbs and flows of your life.  A place to become grounded and consciously connect to your human nature. A place to be rooted in who you are. Meditation is as healing as discovering your pranic (life force) energy and as essential as self-care. It’s integrated into your existence. Being ROOTED is knowing you are, where you want to take your life and standing firm in your being.

Michigan-raised friends, Erica and Chelsey made their way down to the South Bay community and co-founded ROOTED beings to offer a space to discover, grow and expand your meditation practice.

As a meditation guide and conscious connector, Erica specializes in working with, and advocating for, wellness lifestyle brands in the Los Angeles area. She has a passion for helping others create lasting connections and imprints on this earth. Since leaving behind the ad agency world she has tapped into her elevated potential through releasing, growing and meditating.

Chelsey is a meditation guide, certified yoga instructor and attorney for a non-profit foundation. Her path to mindfulness and intuitive living is lifelong and strengthened by a passion to help others embrace all parts of themselves, both the shadow and the light. Discovering meditation has helped her move through the transition of a high-stress, demanding lifestyle into an existence full of vibrancy, balance and stillness.

Recognizing the benefits of a committed meditation practice, Erica and Chelsey sought to create a space in which they and others could carve moments of time from their busy schedules to find their footing and ground down to find peace and presence in all areas of life. This awakening led to the birth of ROOTED beings, nestled in the calm serenity of Manhattan Beach, CA.

How will you choose to grow from your roots?